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California Myotis

California Myotis (Myotis californicus)

California Myotis
Image Copyright (c) Merlin D. Tuttle

Description: Body length about 2.8-3.7″, with an 11-13″ wingspan. Light tan to black dull fur. Keeled calcar, Forearm less that 35 mm. One of the smallest of our bats.

Range: West coast of North America from Alaska to southern Mexico. Low elevations, not in interior mountains. Common in riparian area. Many may not hibernate.

Habitat: Day roosts in crevices, under bark, rock outcroppings, hollow trees, behind signs or in caves and mines. Hunts mostly over the water and along the forest edge.

Diet: moths, mosquitoes, flies and beetles.

Behavior: Peak activity about 1 hour after sunset. Special storage of fat on back may be converted to heat during cold periods. Mothers give birth to one pup. Young fly at 4 weeks. Females roost alone or form small maternity colonies. Lifespan 15 years or more.