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Western Red Bat

Western Red Bat (Lasiurus blossevillii)

Western Red Bat
Image Copyright (c) Merlin D. Tuttle

Description: Body length about 4″, with an 11-13″ wingspan. Orange-brown to yellow-brown fur with a fully furred tail membrane. Long pointed wings. Short rounded ears.

Range: Throughout California, some in Washington, Utah and Arizona, to Central America, Argentina and Chile. Migratory from coast to valley.

Habitat: Edge habitats of forest, rivers, fields and urban areas. Roost alone in leaves of trees. Roost in leaf litter in the winter.

Diet: Peak activity one to two hours after sunset. Eats moths, beetles, flying ants and other insects.

Behavior: Fast, strong fliers at treetop to a few feet above the ground. Hangs by one foot with head tucked in furry tail membrane. Gives birth to up to 4 pups. If the mother has to move with her pups, she may become grounded due to weight of pups and unable to return with pups a roost. Predators: Scrub Jays, falcons, hawks, owls, opossums and domestic cats.

Risks: Loss of riparian zones, pesticide use in orchards and controlled burns of leaf litter.